We are ensuring our designed equipment and spare parts reliability. We are working with various of Europe manufacturers and we are supplying only best quality spare parts.


We are designing each project individually. For each case, we propose best soliution.


We are performing air filtering systems calculations and designing. We are supplying spare parts for dry and wet filtering systems. We can consult about air cleaning systems.


We organize ordered equipment shipment into clients specified place.


Our company is performing designing and calculations of industrial air filtering sytems. We are working individually with each customer, depending of situation, we are selecting the best soliutions and materials. For these reasons each our project is unic.

  • We are consulting about aspiration systems.
  • Our company is supplying spare parts for dry and liquid filtering systems.
  • We can measure speed and others characteristics of flow, also we can make ducts calculations.



JSC Sortus supplied new spot filters

From now on the JSC Sortus client will have less dust amount, better working conditions for employees and product weight savings.

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Industrial dust collector model VPBF-20000/4×6-1,5″/8″ with „off-line“ technology.

Išskirtinės konstrukcijos pramoninis filtras skirtas abrazyvioms dulkėms, atsirandančioms gamybos procese, surinkti.

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