SORTUS would like to present you an unique construction dust collector model „VPCF48-6/1,5-X-UNI“ suitable for various kind of industry: food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer production and etc. This model can be used for silo applications, conveyor dedusting and product collection (with small modification of side or hopper inlet).

• Replacement of filter elements can be done either from raw gas side or clean gas side depending on installation place and client requirements;

• The construction steel AISI304L give opportunity to use this filter unit even in aggressive ambience where sulphur or alkalies content is high;

• Filter unit can be modified by adding hopper and rotary valve underneath;

• The filter unit is equipped with inverter controlled direct driven centrifugal fan which is as well suitable for use in explosive areas (Atex Zone 21/22);

• As the construction is bolted it allows for clients make easy installation even in low ceiling rooms without any problems;

• Ability to change filtration elements is very useful where product/dust is not always the same (for example in bulk cargo terminals, silos and etc.).