Industrial dust collector model VPBF-20000/4×6-1,5″/8″ with „off-line“ technology.

Industrial dust collector model VPBF-20000/4×6-1,5″/8″ with „off-line“ technology.

Speciall construction industrial dust collector made for abrasive dust collection where dust comes from production process.

Dust collector is divided to four equal sections, from which three of them can easily work with nominal air flow when one section is in „off-line“ mode for cleaning without air and dust load.

„Off-line“ technology gives possibility to extend filtration element life time for about 2-3 times compare with standard systems.

Dust collector construction is designed in the way that load to floor is distributed by countering main weight to guilding columns alocated under dust collector.

Dust collector filter elements regeneration system is made by compressed air impulses and the frequency of it is controled by differential pressure controller. This allows to save compressed air consumption and at the same saves compressor unit power.

Main filter parameters:
  • Air flow 20000Am3/h.
  • Filter area: 306m2
  • Extraction fan generated static underpressure: -7500Pa
  • Number of extraction lines: 2
  • Collected dust unloading system: screw conveyor + rotary valve
  • Dust load to filter unit: 20m3/h