The situation of ecology in Lithuania

Scandinavian countries and Estonia puts a huge attention to their ecology where strict regulations for hard particle emission are brought in, that is why air in those countries is the cleanest in Europe. In Lithuanian Republic situation with ecology and especially with air pollution is still very complicated because companies try to avoid investments into equipment which only in certain cases gives the added value to their product, that is why companies choose to pay conditionally small fines.

”Companies have demands for industrial air cleaning filters, but in most cases, they do not admit it and don’t want changes”– says Sortus managing director Mr. Viktoras Pranevičius. – “Sortus is here to help companies who are ready to change and contribute to more cleaner air for all of us”

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Dust layer in the duct

Most of the clients using in their production industrial filtration systems often does not care about why it is so important to properly maintain not only industrial dust collector but as well ducting, connecting filter unit with aspiration points.

In most of the cases because of low air flow speed in ducts creates settlements of dust or product, ducts become very heavy and can easily drop down to equipment or people.

To avoid this our company UAB Sortus can make air flow speed measurements in your ducting system, give recommendations to solve existing problems and as well design new duct lines taking into account manufacturing processes at client.

Right balancing of ducting will significantly improve total system efficiency which is directly related to aspirated point dust amount and quality of manufacturing products.

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Leader of the Sortus company

“To present individual industrial filtration and aspiration solutions for the clients where foreign manufacturers offer only standard systems or where competitors refuse to help “- this is the main goal that guides Mr. Viktoras Pranevicius a founder of JSC Sortus (industrial filtration systems supply) in daily work with clients as well as trying to be a unique and only one in this market.

Viktoras is the expert in this kind of area with 9 years’ experience in industrial filtration business.

“I had great opportunity to get known personally and learn from the secrets of this business in Finland at company Industri Textil JOB OY from the best in Europe industrial filtration specialist Mr. Timo Laati. Till these days we collaborate in some of the projects. The Finish school is unique because here you can find nearly all kinds of industry so this experience lets you to count as a professional “.

During all time while working in the field of industrial filtration more than 300 clients in various area.

“I personally do not know any company in Lithuania, which by its own could design, manufacture and install own industrial filter unit “– proudly saying the company founder Viktoras.

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Industrial silo filter

Industrial silo filter, which was installed last year at AB Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba is offered for companies, who produce heat by using bio-fuel and stores the fly ash or other bulk materials. Usually after burning process of bio-fuel we get big amount of fly ash which transferred to special silo storage or other type of bin by means of compressed air. On top of silo or bin located filter unit cleans exhaust air.

Special silo filter features:

-Can work at low temperatures;

-For electronic parts in control panel installed self- regulated heating system.

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Dust collector

Unique construction dust collector model

SORTUS would like to present you an unique construction dust collector model „VPCF48-6/1,5-X-UNI“ suitable for various kind of industry: food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer production and etc. This model can be used for silo applications, conveyor dedusting and product collection (with small modification of side or hopper inlet).

• Replacement of filter elements can be done either from raw gas side or clean gas side depending on installation place and client requirements;

• The construction steel AISI304L give opportunity to use this filter unit even in aggressive ambience where sulphur or alkalies content is high;

• Filter unit can be modified by adding hopper and rotary valve underneath;

• The filter unit is equipped with inverter controlled direct driven centrifugal fan which is as well suitable for use in explosive areas (Atex Zone 21/22);

• As the construction is bolted it allows for clients make easy installation even in low ceiling rooms without any problems;

• Ability to change filtration elements is very useful where product/dust is not always the same (for example in bulk cargo terminals, silos and etc.).

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